Creations inspired from motion pictures by Past Elegance and collaborations with various talented artists.
Ashes Of Roses from
The Thornbirds
Augustus from
Lonesome Dove
The Baroness from
The Sound Of Music
Brett's dress in the Wedding scene
from North and South Book II: Love and War
Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama from Battlestar Galactica (2004)
Cleopatra's Gold Sheath Gown from
Cyd Charisse as The Dancer in "Broadway Melody Ballet" from Singin' in the Rain
Dance Dress from
Delilah from
Samson & Delilah
Dorothy from
The Wizard Of Oz
Dr. Zhivago from
Dr. Zhivago
Ellen's White Lace Dress from
The Age of Innocence
Final "White Christmas" Scene from
White Christmas
Indiana Jones from
Indiana Jones and the
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Is It You? from
Somewhere In Time
Jennie Logan from
The Two Worlds Of Jennie Logan
The "Just Breathe" Dress from
Ever After
Lorena from
Lonesome Dove
Madeline's Wedding Dress from
North and South Book II: Love and War
Man Of My Dreams from
Somewhere In Time
Margy Frake from
State Fair
Marion from
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Nefertiri from
The Ten Commandments
Orry's Wedding Uniform in
North and South Book II: Love and War
Richard from
Somewhere in Time
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